Dakota Pacific Real Estate Partners is the second real estate fund formed and managed by the founding team. The fund is a cash flow focused commercial real estate vehicle that acquires and develops commercial real estate assets throughout the western region of the United States.


We invest in multiple assets including office, multifamily, hospitality, retail and other asset classes through strategic partnerships. Our continued success comes from partnering with local and experienced real estate operators to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Stabilized cash flow and superior risk adjusted returns is our number one goal. We focus on great locations with growing markets where the real estate meets the needs of the community. We acquire existing properties and develop new properties to meet these needs.

Property Management

Dakota Pacific Real Estate brings together a team believing strongly that value is created and maximized by hands-on management of each project. We manage and direct the leasing of the properties we own and develop. We also manage a portfolio of properties for third-party owners and work closely with the leasing team, whether it is Dakota Pacific or a third party. Our partners, institutional investors and third-party owners recognize the value of our commitment to managing and leasing any property in our portfolio as though we were the owner. Being a substantial owner ourselves gives our clients comfort that we understand their objectives and have the resources and skills necessary to ensure the success of their investment. Putting the needs of our tenants first is our priority.

Dakota Pacific Property Management Online Services