Ryan Miller

Managing Director of Dakota Pacific Holdings

Ryan Miller is Managing Director and Investment Committee Member of Dakota Pacific, as well as Partner in JR Miller Enterprises. His primary role at Dakota Pacific and JR Miller Enterprises is working with portfolio companies to help improve operations. For the past four years, Ryan has served as interim CIO of Cheyenne Products, an Arkansas based furniture business, whose primary customers are Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond and Lowes. At Cheyenne, Ryan has overseen the deployment of a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP), business intelligence platform, and workflow engines to significantly improve the financial reporting, operational efficiency and product development cycle of the company. In addition to this operational responsibility, Ryan leads the sourcing and harvesting of private equity deals in the Home D├ęcor space. Prior to joining JR Miller Enterprises, Ryan was an operations analyst at National Beef Packing Company focused on improving plant manufacturing processes.

Ryan received an MBA degree from the College of William and Mary and B.A. in History from Utah State University.